Welcome to the launch of AutoAuctionLocator.com

I've been working on this site in my spare time over the last two months or so. The idea stemmed from my enjoyment of the local auto auction scene here in Maryland. In reviewing several of the sites online (no names mentioned) I've decided that I could create a more robust and dynamic approach to searching for local public car auctions. With this in mind I've created a list of features that I would like to implement over the next couple of weeks.

To the upper right corner you will see the three links I have so far. The first link, the map of locations shows you the location of every index auto auction in the United States.

I'm very excited by the second link, as I've recently updated the Calender to have an ICAL feed which you can load into Gmail / Yahoo Mail / Hotmail / Outlook very easily. The new calendar has a very robust feature set.

The third link (search by ZipCode) shows a listing of all the auctions that meet the criteria of a certain spatial data search.

I hope you guys will enjoy the site, and I would appreciate any constructive feed back that you guys have.